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The Hunter Centre is a charity established to support those living with dementia in Haslemere and the surrounding areas. No County boundaries exist and everyone is welcome who  feels they could benefit from being in a small friendly community which understands the problems associated with dementia.

The day care facility operates from 10am until 4pm from The Marjorie Gray Hall, Grayswood Road, Haslemere  GU27 2BW and initially was opened on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on 17th July 2017. On 5th April 2018  the opening was extended to include Thursdays. Most clients have medium to high needs but an assessment is carried out by our Operations Manager or her Deputy with their Carer present on a first visit to the Centre for all parties to decide if they feel it is the best place to be. Socialisation for the clients is important as are activities to stimulate their brains and this will be discussed at a first visit. Once registered at the Centre, Carers can finally feel they  can comfortably leave their loved ones for a few hours for some much needed respite.


Our History


The Alzheimer's Society was conceived in 1979 by local Haslemere residents, two of whom Brian and Dr Ann Hunter we have named our charity after in recognition of their work for dementia sufferers and their carers. A day centre for dementia clients has been in existence in Haslemere at The Marjorie Gray Hall since July 1994. In 1993 local Health Visitors had recognised that there was a need for support for people with dementia and their carers. A steering group was formed from local groups involved in caring who decided to use the umbrella of the local ADS (Alzheimer’s Disease Society) support group to become a local branch. Dr Anne Hunter was chairman for the first 3 years and was succeeded by Barbara Jeffers. Initially the centre was open for one day each week. In 2000 a refurbishment of the hall took place and Alzheimer’s Society took over the running with increased frequency of weekly usage and clients. In 2017 Alzheimer's Society decided to concentrate on research and advice which resulted in them closing the Haslemere facility on 30 June that year.

A small working group was set up on the announcement of the closure by the Alzheimer's Society and The Hunter Centre has been founded, run by a local group of Trustees.

The Hunter Centre is a charity registered in England with Charity number 1173587.


Our Staff


The Hunter Centre is run on a daily basis by experienced staff all of whom have worked with the elderly and in particular those suffering from dementia for many years. Both the Operations Manger, Elaine Clement and her deputy Denise Sawczuk are from Haslemere and have worked for the Alzheimer's Society in the Marjorie Gray Hall for 16 years before joining The Hunter Centre. They are ably supported by  three part time staff  Karen, a former nurse; Deborah and Caroline. All three have had at least five years experience working with dementia clients.


Anybody wishing to volunteer to support our staff are encouraged to contact Elaine at the Centre or on

Our Facilities


The Marjorie Gray Hall on Grayswood Road just north of Haslemere town centre, is where our day centre is located. It is an ideal secure building which backs onto a lovely garden. There is also close access to Haslemere Health Centre, Haslemere Hospital and it is a short walk into the centre of Haslemere and its many shops and cafes. There is limited parking on site primarily for staff but a drop off and pick up area is available for clients. 

Our Community


The Hunter Centre is a charity not just for those  with one of the various types of dementia but also and most importantly, for those Carer's helping the person with dementia  to live at home.

It is therefore our aim to give support to the Carer's, whether family members or care workers, by making them feel part of a community where their problems and concerns can be freely discussed. 

Events for Carers, some with their loved ones and some while they know their loved ones are being looked after so they can talk more freely, are therefore arranged. These will be notified to Carers using The Hunter Centre on a regular basis or can be found on our Events board on this web site.

At any time however, support and advice is available from our Operations Manager, Elaine or her Deputy, Denise. Leaflets are also available with useful information.

Carer's Cafe

On the 4th Tuesday of every month a carer's cafe is held at Marjorie Gray Hall from 10.30am-12.30pm. Our aim is to provide support and advice to anyone caring for someone with dementia. Everyone is welcome to come along whether it be a carer, a person with dementia or a professional carer.

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The Hunter Centre is a charity registered in England with Charity number 1173587 and its address for service is Unit 7 Index House Midhurst Road Liphook Hampshire GU30 7TN’

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