Mrs H

Father attends the day centre: 'Everyone who has dementia should have the opportunity to attend The Hunter Centre, the care and commitment of all the staff and volunteers is amazing. They take the time to learn about each and everyone who goes there and their families. Good home cooked lunches, the activities and days out are well organised and thought through too. A wonderful place!'

Mr H

Wife attends the day centre: 'My wife and I moved to Haslemere some 6 years ago, and shortly after moving here we were given an introduction to what was then the Alzheimers Society Day Centre. At that time my wife had been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease six years earlier and it was apparent that it was taking hold of her. Our initial visit was with Elaine Clement and I came away very reassured by our discussions and Elaine's proposal for my wife's care.

When the announcement was made that the Alzheimers Society was pulling the plug on the day centre it caused myself and I am sure everyone else that used the centre's facilities a lot of worry and concern.

Thankfully The Hunter Centre was formed and opened 17th July 2017, with Elaine at the helm and most of her staff with her. To a greater degree, for the clients and their partners/carers the day to day routine changed very little, consistency and routine being a major consideration for the clients.

I cannot praise too highly the work done and the attitude of the staff at The Hunter Centre. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the centre and we do not see this. In Elaine the unit has a leader whose tireless work and enthusiasm is reflected through her staff. They all bring skills and qualities which when put together give a broad range of activities and personal care that they are able to offer. The care given to the clients, whatever their level of needs is second to none.

From my point of view it is very reassuring to know that when I leave my wife at the centre she will be well looked after and cared for. I am always given a brief update of what has happened during the day and any problems or concerns are made known to me. As my wife's condition has deteriorated considerably over the last 18 months it is very reassuring to have this feedback. Indeed on a few occasions this has stopped a problem becoming a crisis.

Another consideration which is a great comfort is the way the days are structured, where the clients are encouraged in many and varied activities including exercising, making the most of their abilities.

Long may the centre prosper and flourish, it is a much needed facility, which will do well with the standards, qualities, devotion and abilities offered by it's wonderful staff.'

The Hunter Centre is a charity registered in England with Charity number 1173587 and its address for service is Unit 7 Index House Midhurst Road Liphook Hampshire GU30 7TN’

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